July 24, 2024
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Religious bodies help society; You cannot tax them – Dr Lawerence Tetteh

Renowned evangelist and economist Dr Lawrence Tetteh has chastised those calling for churches to be taxed. He likened those propagandists as anti-church and ungodly.

“You live in Ghana. How many pastors use Land Cruisers? If you take the few of us [pastors] that seem to be doing well, we are not more than ten,

“The rest you don’t see are in pain, debt, and do not have a place to sleep. In fact, if you go to certain pastors’ homes, you will be very sad for them. You cannot tax the church. The church is only being benevolent to society,” Dr Lawrence Tetteh told Asaase radio.

Accordingly, the spiritual leader cautioned those rising up against the to be mindful of their actions. He referenced a similar uprising in the Bible where “ in the history of the Bible, we had ungodly people asked the church to be taxed.”

“Today, very ignorant people wake up and say the church should be taxed. That is an insult. From the economic point of view, that is double taxation. The gifts that the church receives go back into the church; school fees are being paid. If you look at Ghana, but for the church, the nation would have been as illiterate as some nations of the sub-region I don’t want to mention…we should applaud the church… When you tax the church, what do you gain? If you want to look at it critically, it’s only anti-church people who complain that the church pays tax…” Dr Lawrence asserted.

Source: 3news.com

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