May 27, 2024
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Residents of Vittin express displeasure over poor road network

Residents of Vittin, a suburb of the Tamale Metropolis in the Northern Region have expressed disquiet over poorly constructed roads and drains in the area. They complained that the poorly constructed roads in the community have contributed significantly to many accidents occurring in the area.

According to them, the dusty nature of the roads exposes them to diseases such as asthma and other airborne diseases owing to the constant inhalation of dust.

Mr. Rufai, a sub-chief and the former assembly member of the area, described the current nature of the roads as terrible. He added that during his tenure, he had to pester authorities over the poor roads and they later constructed drains along the roads and dumped trips of gravel abandoning the work.  He therefore appealed to the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to fine tune efforts to get the roads fixed.

 Mr. Soofo Zakaria, a motor mechanic and a resident of Vittin bemoaned the rampant nature of accidents, due to the large potholes that have developed on the roads. He also complained of how dust from the roads is a source of worry for residents in the area.

A Disaster control officer (DCO), Hajia Kande Abdulai, at the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), also a resident of the area, explained that the construction of roads in the first place brought financial losses to some of the residents. She said their businesses were evacuated in order to allow commence construction, stressing that, the people are paying more for transportation because taxis and tricycle drivers dread to ply the deployable roads for fear of their vehicles breaking down. 

Because of the poor roads, health hazards such as common cold, cough and Asthma are common among residents due to the constant inhalation of dust. I want to suggest that Government and the assembly should intervene and do proper planning and siting of buildings and stores to avoid closure like before and provide updated, visible and easily interpreted road signs as some of the ways this problem could be solved’, She noted.

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