June 14, 2024
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S/R: NPP congratulates new overlord of Gonja Kingdom

The Savannah region’s New Patriotic Party(NPP) has congratulated the New King and overlord of the Gonja Kingdom-Elect, Jira Tulwewura Soale Mbemah Amonebafi Borenyi I, on his appointment to the greatest throne of the Jakpa Kingdom.

Acting King and Head of the Kingdom, Jira Sonyowura Adamu Kanyiti Bakari, together with the Kingmakers on February 27, 2023 announced a new Yagbonwura in Damango as tradition and custom of the land demands.

The entire New Patriotic Party in the Savannah Region and “the Nation congratulates you on this well-deserved appointment. It is the believe of all, that your dedication, selflessness and compassionate leadership alongside the spirit of Ndewura Jakpa, shall lead you in the execution of your duties as the new overlord”.

According to the NPP, the Gonja Kindgom has been the center of attraction and attention since the death of her Overlord and King a few weeks ago.

As documented and practiced by the Gonja people historically, succession and transition to the Yagbon skin is admired from far for its unique success and beauty.

As we congratulate the new King, we also take this opportunity to congratulate Jira, Sonyowura, the Kingmakers, the Jakpa palace, the gallant Youth led by Gonjaland Youth Association and the people of Gonjaland, for successfully carrying out such a sacred duty for our generation and posterity.

The NPP finally prays and wishes, that this mix moment of grieve and joy serves as catalyst to the overall peace and development of the Gonjaland.
May our revered King rule for the benefit of Gonjaland.

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