July 13, 2024
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Angry NPP supporters vandalize party office; threaten to vote against Felicia Tetteh

Some angry supporters of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Sagnarigu municipal have vandalized the Party’s constituency office at Shisgagu, blaming the party leadership for what they infer as an “attempts” to impose the 2020 PC, Felicia Tettey on them as the party parliamentary candidate for 2024 elections.

Expressing their anger to journalists, they led a team of supporters to pick nomination form for one Dr. Wahab Alhassan to contest the upcoming parliamentary elections, only to be told by the party constituency officers that they were not ready to meet them.

“Dr. Wahab and Felicia who has suffered for the NPP more? Dr. Wahab has been there since 2012. So how are you now treating him like a slave in his own party? We know it is because of Felicia. But it won’t work. We will resist it with our might. If she is made our parliamentary candidate without allowing anyone to contest her, we shall vote for the NDC candidate”, some of them threatened.

“We are ready for the consequences. They should come and arrest us all. That is why we are destroying the party office. It is our property. The NPP belongs to us all. We can’t be slaves in our own party and constituency. We have been there long before she came. And we don’t need her. She can’t win the seat…”, they added.

On July 13, the Northern Regional minister, Alhaji Saani Alhassan and the husband of the NPP 2020 PC picked the nomination form for her to contest the primaries for the second time.

There are unconfirmed reports that madam Felicia Tettey maybe going unopposed and that the NPP government has strong hopes in her representing the party at the Constituency in 2024.

She was able to win 44 balot boxes in the 2020 elections as someone contesting the seat for the first time, making people believe she can win the seat if supported in the next elections.

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