July 20, 2024
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Salaga North: NPP bigwig describes MP as lazy, none-performing

Former Parliamentary Candidate aspirant for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Salaga North Constituency, Fuseini Tahiru has described the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for the area as “none-performing”.

Speaking during live on radio Tamale’s weekend programme dubbed – Cheche Baribi Fiila Sunday, October 29, confirm the allegations circulating on social media which he made against the incumbent MP over what he believes is a reaction to “machinations” against his person, (Fuseini Tahiru).

When asked if he has regretted for describing the MP as such, Mr. Tahiru’s response was, “Not at all”, adding that he will say it and continue to say so, and that for the intervention of the NPP Savannah regional chairman, Alhaji Kalmonia and the secretary, Mohammed Issah, he would have said worse than that.

He however wrote below to after the what triggered his reaction:

Dr Clifford has done a lot for the party in salaga north constituency, he is highly respected in the constituency and his words carry so much weight. I wished our non performing mp was mute on that program.

My checks shows that his entire speech destroyed the very motive Dr Clifford came all the way from Accra,with his resources to achieve, this our non performing mp must be told clearly and unambiguously that, he doesn’t hold the license of sabotage and envy in the politics of Ghana. His hatred for me and by extension my loyalist have taken a tone on him such that every platform,he wants to target me for needless attacks, I have had enough of his ungrateful attitude.

Every word, phrase and sentence was directly at me, in the full glare of senior party people who should have drawn his attention to the motive of the platform. I respect people who respect me and will not take nonsense from anyway I personally sacrifice my happiness resources to make you mp, if he wants to lead the DMb project in salaga north now,I congratulate him in advance,if being an mp can’t make you relevant to Garner votes for DMb in your own constituency, I wonder what a DMB coordinator could do.

Let’s me remind him and his likes that, I have been supporting DMB the very day he was appointed as running mate to president Akufo-addo and doesn’t need any title in my own constituency to Campaign for DMB. Those who needs those titles in addition to the already positions they have can pride themselves with it,I am not one of such.

I have been quiet all these while jx to calm nerves but his continue attacks at me at every opportunity particularly in the constituency deserves some response. He should allow our rivalry to rest for now, we can deal with that after the DMB project.

An mp who will never visit his constituent to attend to their needs and only wait when an important program and personalities visit the constituency,like Dr Clifford, DMB, for a specific objective to Campaign for votes, you exploit that platform to sell yourself. Learn from the likes of Hon Abu Jinapo and his likes, who are doing very well in their constituency,do you see them exploiting visitors platform for their parochial gains?

You are not a DMB supporter,you are a selfish interest driven person who thinks you can continue to profit from your envy ,lies and destructions.

I am very ready and willing to defend myself, Any day and anytime you dare attack me openly or surreptitiously. Good day.

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