March 2, 2024
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Savelugu Constituency NDC Secretary is a true loyalist & a force to reckon with

In-spite of the myriad of noxious but surmountable challenges that characterize his reign as a leader, prominent and arguably the fiercest among which is the independent candidate factor during the 2016 and 2020 general elections.

The incumbent secretary of the National Democratic Congress in the Savelugu Constituency; Mr. Fusheini Alhassan (Bagaman), has, by his courteous and candid conduct, proven his worth and fine capabilities for his office.

Being the consequential effect of an independent candidate emerging and contesting the 2016 elections from the NDC’s camp, the Savelugu parliamentary seat for the first time in decades, changed hands from the NDC to the NPP, while followers of the latter celebrated ceaselessly, those of the former had a painful maiden experience of what it means to be in absolute opposition, having not their party in government and member in parliament.

Bagaman played a central role in the aftermath of the elections aimed at fostering a peaceful reunion of the Independent faction and the larger Umbrella fraternity, causing the intervention of party elders and people of influence to get the independent candidate to rescind his decision to contest subsequent elections in the Savelugu constituency.

But uncompromising stance and interest of both parties threw their efforts in futility, paving way for a resurgence of the independent contest in the 2020 elections.

Although they were unable to patch up the differences between the NDC and the independent”Kulagaa” faction, it was not blameworthy because the party worked harder, defied the odds and won the seat anew.

Fresh in the mind, was how he; the secretary became a lone soldier at the war front, sitting in the bucket of a vehicle with an opponent and a firing port of a military armoured car pointing at them like the lense of a camera at snapshots, all in his effort to guard against the last ballot box which held a good fortune for the NDC and a tragedy for the elephant party.

Eventually, the content of the ballot box was counted at the northern regional police headquarters and the NDC candidate pronounced victorious.

Out of sheer desperation for parliamentary majority, the Npp filed a suit contesting the legality of the MP’s election, sourcing motivation from the face of a particular Form 1C which obviously is a product of numerical hanky-panky as same was exposed through the diligent and avid scrutiny of the said document by the intelligent secretary.

Sensing their imminent failure to reconcile figures on the form and it’s base documents; the pink sheets, they started  employing every means possible to emerge victorious including an alleged bribe attempt of a colossal amount of money on the honourable Bagaman which he flatly refused.

The next NDC government ought to be very much interested in the status of party folks like the honourable Bagaman and his likes, so that if for nothing at all, they can be appreciated in ways that is commensurate their pristine and unwavering loyalty to fighting the party’s course.

Shareef Suleiman Nimbang



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