July 25, 2024
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NPP primaries: Today sakawa girls are now claiming to be connected than me ~ Samed Gunu

Former Member of Parliament for Savelugu Constituency, Alhaji Samed Gunu has appealed to the delegates of the party in the upcoming parliamentary primaries to be careful of people parading themselves as “connected”.

According to him, these are all part of attempts to deceive the delegates to win the primaries to enable them represent the NPP in the next elections, which he believes is something only he, Mr. Gunu can win for the party, adding that he has record to prove that.

He made the remarks while addressing delegates, Tuesday, July 18, after they presented a nomination form to him ahead of the Party’s internal primaries.

Some delegates contributed to purchase the nomination form which according to him demonstrate their loyalty and readiness to see him retain the position.

“What I want the people of Savelugu to understand is, nobody knows who is rich. Those who claim to rich today, if you had asked them to provide 100ghc in our opposition days, they wouldn’t be able to. We suffered for NPP to come to power, making Nana Addo president, and those people have gotten their ill-gotten money”, the former MP told the NPP delegates.

“In 2016, NPP was not in power, but I was able to defeat the governing NDC to win the seat for the first time since 1992. Was I rich when I won the seat? Why couldn’t I retain the seat when we in power in 2020?  So if someone is claiming to be more connected than me, I can tell you that it is Sakawa connection…”, he added.

The group that bought the form for the former MP said their consisted of women and youth groups, electoral area coordinators, polling station executives, former and current executives.

The group led by A. Karim Zakariah , Polling Station Organiser for Savelugu Kuga fong 1, disclosed that the former member of parliament has brought a lot of developmental projects in the constituency during his four years term as mp.

He mentioned that the former mp provided schools in the constituency with furniture, books , youth employment, supported women financially, and human development .

He disclosed that Samed Gunu is a native, grassroots person who is well known in the constituency, passionate about human development, and well-being of the constituents. 

He has a track records of development in the constituency before he became member of parliament .

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