Sekondi: First accused person in murder of naval officer discharged

An 18-year-old student of Bompeh SHS in Takoradi, Adolf Eshun, who has since December 2021 been charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the case of the killing of a Bolt driver, who is also a naval officer, has been discharged.

He was charged alongside two other students over the murder of LS Okyere Boateng.

Mr. Eshun was discharged by a Sekondi District Court on Monday, March 14, 2022.

The court presided over by Her Worship, Rosemary Edith Hayford discharged suspect Adolf Eshun after the Attorney General cleared him of all charges.

In its advice to the court, the Attorney General’s office said although Adolf on 22nd December ordered a Bolt for suspects Patrick Baidoo, 19 years, and Joseph Lord Ni Adjei Oninku, 17 years, who had told him they were stranded, he was not an accomplice to their crime.

The Attorney General, therefore, cleared him but charged the two others with conspiracy to murder and murder.

The case was thus adjourned to April 11, 2022.

After the court proceedings, lawyer for Adolf Eshun, Joseph Evans Abeka, said his client may be willing to testify if he is invited by the police later in the course of proceedings to help their case.

“Our client has never been involved, so the AG rightly advised that he shouldn’t be prosecuted. He should be discharged, so he has been discharged. If in future the police need him to come and testify, he will come.”

“He is a free man. He has never committed any offence. It is just an unfortunate situation that is why he was on remand,” the lawyer added.

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