July 16, 2024
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Sex, screen addiction a threat to mental health – Psychiatrist

A Consultant Psychiatrist with the Ho Teaching Hospital in the Volta Region, Dr Eugene Dordoye, has indicated that an increase in screen and sex addiction threatens the mental health of Ghanaians.

He outlined betting, computer, and social media addiction as forms of screen addiction that are on the increase among the populace and must be addressed.

He was speaking to the media on the sidelines of a mental health advocacy workshop organized by MindFreedom Ghana.

“The most common forms of screen addiction now is social media addiction and gambling or betting. That is also another challenge and another form of screen addiction because people use money hoping to win. People even think they are working when they are betting. They forget that the name of it is adult games. So betting is a game and not a way to make money, not an investment”, he said.

Dr Dordoye also outlined the increased interest of the youth in Forex trade, which is gradually becoming an addiction with participating individuals hoping to make returns on the money they inject into any of the trading platforms.

“All these are gambling, but young people are into it thinking they will make money out of it. Unfortunately, it is one of the avenues we are wasting the brawn and brain potential of our young people”, he stressed.

He advocated for intensified public awareness of the consequences of this addiction to curb screen addiction, while conscious efforts should be made to treat and rehabilitate those already suffering the conditions.

“These things are known, the challenge is the political will and the financial muscle to put these thoughts and ideas into action, that is where our biggest challenge has been”, he lamented.

He also indicated that drug addiction, which includes alcohol and substance abuse, health workers, and sickle cell patients abusing prescription drugs are on the rise, describing it as a worrying incident to public health.

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