July 25, 2024
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Stay Away From Water Bodies – Mireku Duker Advises Miners

Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources George Mireku Duker has advised mining companies to avoid operations close to water bodies.

According to him, the search for gold in water bodies destroys habitats for other creatures and denies residents safe drinking water.

During a tour of mining sites in the Western Region, Mr Mireku Duker informed miners in various communities that the government was working effortlessly to ensure that water bodies serving communities were protected.

However, he called for an end to pollution.

“Ghanaians must understand and know what they are fighting,” Mr. Duker said. “People are so determined that whatever happens, they will go the extra mile to mine without following regulations. That is why, as a ministry, we have also organized this community mining concept, asking them to move out of our river bodies. Come and join the community mining, where it is organized, and the government is providing mining machines for you to mine and mine responsibly”.

The minister also called on all Ghanaians to actively support the fight against illegal mining, popularly known as ‘galamsey’, to support the government’s vision.

Mr Duker stressed that the government cannot win this battle alone and requires the support and involvement of all citizens.

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