June 13, 2024
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Strange Disease Destroys Ginger Farms In Kadjebi District

Ginger farmers in the Kadjebi District of the Oti Region, are counting their losses as a strange disease suspected to be a fungal infection affected their farms, leaving them with apprehension and hopelessness.

The Ghana News Agency’s (GNA) visit to some affected farms in the Poase-Cement, Obuase and Butabe areas of the district, revealed the devastating and sorrowful impact of the disease.

The disease makes the ginger plant turn yellowish and eats the rhizome making the seed to get rotten. Mr Aliu Salisu, a 27-year-old farmer who cultivates a three-acre ginger farm, told GNA during the visit to his farm that he felt so sad about the attack, saying he had lost focus
and did not know what to do.

Mr Salisu, a resident of Poase-Cement, said he sold his taxicab and invested the money into the farm with the hope of reaping increased yield, so that he could buy a new car, but things had been turned upside-down.

He called on the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to find a lasting solution to the problem, since the youth of the area depended on ginger farms for survival.

Mr Yakubu Muniru, a 29-year-old Senior High School graduate, who had planted a four-acre ginger farm, told GNA that it was the first time they were witnessing such a strange disease.

Story By GNA

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