June 21, 2024
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Suhuyini criticises Green Ghana Project for lack of transparency and effectiveness

A Deputy Ranking on Parliament’s Lands and Forestry Committee has criticised government’s Green Ghana project, calling it out for its inadequate approach, lack of transparency, and minimal impact on the environment.

Alhassan Suhuyini said in a statement on Thursday that, “The campaign is not linked to the creation of natural reserves and the overall effective management and conservation of forest reserves.”

The controversy surrounding the government’s environmental policies has intensified with allegations of compromised forests and green spaces due to illegal mining and reckless policies.

“It’s worse that our forests have been compromised due to the government’s unwillingness to defeat illegal mining and self-serving policies,” the Tamale North MP said.

The NDC MP cited examples such as the declassification of forest reserves like Achimota Forests and Tamale Timber Market, and the promotion of mining legislation in forest reserves.

Over the past few years, the efficacy of planting millions of seedlings annually has been questioned.

“Planting seedlings once a year is not enough to combat deforestation and address climate change,” critics say, pointing out that this approach only creates opportunities for corrupt procurement practices.

According to the Seedlings Contractors Association in the Ashanti Region, the government owed them GH₵28 million for seedling supplies from 2021 and 2022, highlighting financial mismanagement.

Moreover, the lack of proper monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for the planted seedlings raises concerns.

“Without proper maintenance and care, many of these seedlings do not survive, leading to wasted resources and minimal environmental benefits,” Mr Suhuyini emphasised.

He called for continuous reforestation efforts throughout the year to restore forest cover, improve air quality, and preserve biodiversity. In light of these issues, there is a call for the government to reassess its approach to the Green Ghana Project.

“We call on the government to implement a more sustainable and long-term strategy for reforestation.

“Continuous, consistent, and transparent efforts throughout the year, along with proper monitoring and evaluation, are essential to achieve meaningful results in protecting the environment and combating climate change,” the lawmaker concluded.

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