May 27, 2024
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Supreme Court is leading Ghana into realm of absurdity – John Mahama

Former President, John Dramani Mahama has clarified that the first vote in most cases taken on a motion in Parliament is a voice vote and thus, the Presiding officer whether the Speaker or any of his/her deputy speakers is supposed to listen to which is the loudest, the ‘ayes’ or the ‘nays’ and then go ahead to make a determination.

According to the former Member of Parliament for Bole constituency, through a Facebook post, March 13, 2022 stated that if the deputy speakers are allowed to vote, then they must take part, first, in the voice vote.

If you are presiding and can shout aye or nay with your party in the voice vote, how do you impartially determine which was the loudest?…He asked.

What is the determination of the SC?

That Deputy speakers can shout aye or nay with the side they agree or disagree with in the voice vote?

He says, the Supreme Court is gradually leading the country into the realm of absurdity and that, the judgement by the apex court is regrettable. Mr. Mahama however concluded that, he is looking forward to the applicant applying for a review of the ruling.

The supreme court on the 9th March, 2022 came out with its reasons for giving a judgement to the effect that a Deputy Speaker presiding over proceedings in Parliament has the right to vote on matters for determination, and be counted as part of the quorum for decision making in the House.

In a unanimous decision of the seven-member panel, authored by Justice Yonny Kulendi, the court held that the 1992 Constitution does not place any restriction on a Deputy Speaker from being part of the quorum for decision making, and to vote on matters for determination.

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