March 2, 2024
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Take out insults, attacks some radio presenters in Tamale cannot survive – Dj Carlos

Celebrated media personality in the Northern region, Abdul-Razak Alhassan popularly known as DJ Carlos has expressed worry over the prevailing media terrain in the Northern region, which evidently display droves of “latter-days” media personnel who are struggling with truth, honest and circumspection. He says most radio and television presenters today in Tamale do not have full grasps of the ethical exigencies and societal impacts of their field of practice.

According to Mr. Alhassan, most presenters in Tamale do not understand the main traditional functions of the media, thus, finding it rather lucrative in telling lies, insulting and throwing jabs at each other on live radio all because of cheap ratings, personal motives, and ambition to become the so-called celebrities.

With such set of presenters, Dj Carlos is of the belief the habit has placed them in very difficult position within the media environment, because if you take out the ”insults and spreading of lies” from their content they have no talent to showcase to the listeners.

The multi-talented media personality during a personality profile interview on ‘My Northern Achiever’ program spotted on Facebook, opined that the trend on radio in the North today for most young people is to attack one another over irrelevant issues on live radio/Tv because they believe is what the audience want to listen to.

They directly attack and insult anyone they disagree with. He said, now any presenter who wants to be popular will only need to pick another presenter from another radio station, begin attacking and insulting, the other on the other side will also respond from his angle just because they want people to listen to them.

“Presenters are now forgetting that, when you get such an opportunity serve the people better”

“If presenters want to insult others in other to get listeners then, take out the insults and now listen to their talents, whether they can survive. Beyond the insults their talents can not hold, So they have to continue insulting people to stay relevant”….he added.

Obviously in recent times, it has become an unnerving spectacle witnessing ample proportions of young people today in the Tamale radio space calling themselves journalists, presenters, radio personalities, reporters, talk-show hosts, or simply media practitioners, but use uncensored platforms to engage in insults, half-truths, amateurish news presentations as opposed to critical analysis of pressing national issues.

For some few years, insults, insinuations, dirty-talks, misrepresentations of facts, dishonest analysis of events, among others, have unbelievably become a new normal in the media business in Northern Ghana all in the name of been a strategic move with the entertainment industry, the practice is mostly dutifully orchestrated by a chunk of young school dropouts who sneaked in as media practitioners.

Today a lot is happening on our radio space which are not right, you can easily hear a presenter swearing to God and laying raw curses on other persons on live radio. Some even tout themselves as the knowers of everything and apart from them nobody can do this or that, they even claim to do things no other has done in the media.

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