June 18, 2024
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Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, Bus-Stop Leaders embark on clean up exercise

The Tamale Metropolitan Assembly in collaboration with the Bolga, Sawelugu bus station operators have begun an exercise to restore a clean environment in the central business area of the metropolis.

Tamale metropolis has in the past been voted three consecutive times by the Ghana Tourist Board as the cleanest city in Ghana but that bragging right seems to have been lost in the last few years. It is against this concern that the Mayor of Tamale, Sule Salifu in partnership with bus-stop leadership began the exercise of getting rid of the city’s filth.

According to Sule Salifu, the Tamale metropolis just like any big city, has its peculiar challenges when it comes to sanitation and the problem is exacerbated by uncontrolled urban growth it is better for everyone to understand that nobody will clean the environment for the people, it can’t be done by the assembly alone there must be a synergy.

The problem is exacerbated by uncontrolled urban growth, there has been loads of garbage chocked in the gutter which is hazardous to health risks and also poses to traders and people who patronize the bus station.

Mr. Adams Salifu of GPRTU and chairman at the Tamale-Wa bus station said, that all cars are expected to park inside and not outside as people calls it “Baahat Station”, he also promised that measures will be kept in place for the name to be changed to VIP bus station.

The Mayor last year at a similar exercise hinted that a collective approach will help sustain the exercise and ensure the city remains clean. He reiterated the need for teamwork to make gains, adding that consultations have been made with the various stakeholders and have received the buy-in of chiefs and assembly members.

Source: Radio Tamale/ Razak Zakiat Hawa

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