April 17, 2024
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Tema International School student manufactures electric off-road vehicle

A student of the Tema International School (TIS), Kevin Owusu Afriyie, has manufactured an electric off-road vehicle as part of his Middle Year Programme (MYP) project.

The project was completed under the supervision of mechanic experts and tutors of the School, which helped the student apply his accumulated knowledge in the field of physics and mathematics.

According to the student, the decision to manufacture the electric off-road vehicle gave him the opportunity to showcase himself while effectively acquiring knowledge.

Kevin Afriyie revealed plans to improve the vehicle to make it more sustainable than it already is.

“Loving cars and mechanics with a passion, I have been crafting and creating cars with cardboard and other materials from my early ages.

“This project has been a rollercoaster of emotions and effort. There were happy nights when measurements and equipment were appropriate and there were other times when calculations were not on point and this caused problems for the project,” he highlighted.

He added, “I have developed numerous career skills, such as 3D modelling, cutting and welding of metal bars and wiring through the course of this project and have also benefited from the use of research and collaboration skills.”

Kevin Owusu Afriyie expressed gratitude to “my friends for their encouragement, my loving mother and family for helping me with funds and support.”

“I am also grateful for being in the Middle Year Programme at TIS, which has given me the opportunity to pursue such a project and finally, Almighty God, for His helping hand through this journey.”


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