March 2, 2024
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Ten African Countries with most improved Healthcare System

African countries lose millions of US Dollars yearly in medical tourism.

According to the Health Care Index, derived from a collation of data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), health ministries and independent watchdogs in the health sector, South Africa topped the African rankings with an index of 64.14.

The Health Care Index gives a single measure of the state of each country’s health system. Tunisia scored 57.18, making it the second on the list of African Countries with the best Health care system.

Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, ranked ahead of Egypt and Morocco but lagged behind South Africa, Tunisia, Kenya, and Algeria.

Critics have accused the Nigerian president of not doing enough in the health sector in Nigeria but have praised stakeholders in the industry for adequately utilizing available funds.

Health Care Index is an estimation of the overall quality of the health care system, health care professionals, equipment, staff, doctors, cost, etc.

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Corruption in government which leads to gross mismanagement, coupled with incompetence in health care by many practitioners has made many hospitals in Africa a dead end.

However, it is safe to say many countries deserve some accolades for their improvements in the health sector in recent times.

These are the countries with the most improved health care system in Africa in 2020.

  1. South Africa:

South Africa boasts the highest standard of healthcare in Africa. There are over 200 private hospitals across the country which offer services that match Europe, Asia, and America.

Funding for public healthcare in South Africa currently comes from government spending through taxation and point-of-care spending from those using services.

There are plans to implement a National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme to provide more free services for all and improve the quality of public healthcare.

  1. Tunisia:

Tunisia has a public health system funded from taxation run by the Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie that provides care for the majority of the population.

It includes health centers providing primary care, district and regional hospitals, and university hospitals.

  1. Kenya:

Kenya has the best Health Care in East Africa. The country has made good progress in expanding access to primary health care services, free maternity services, elimination of user fees for public primary care facilities, and health insurance subsidies for the elderly and severely disabled.

  1. Algeria:

Algeria has a public health care system, which is accessible and free of charge to all citizens of Algeria. The government of Algeria finances the federal health care system.

The country scores very high in Convenience of location and Convenience with the cost.

  1. Nigeria:

The Nigerian healthcare system consists of two sectors: public and private.

In general, the public healthcare system is of a low standard due to a lack of government funding and inadequate staffing levels. Still, the Private healthcare facilities in Nigeria are of high standards.

  1. Egypt:

Healthcare in Egypt consists of both the public and private sectors.

Public health coverage offered through the Ministry of Health operates a series of medical facilities providing free health services.

The country is currently working on an overhaul of its public healthcare system to improve its quality.

  1. Morocco:

The first health care policy in Morocco was devised three years after independence in 1959, with the majority of the free healthcare services and management focused on the general public.

The state provides funding and administration. The Ministry of Health runs the National Institutes and Laboratories, Basic Care Health Network and the Hospital Network.

The Defense Department owns and runs its hospitals, and local governments run city health services. Morocco also has a social protection system that covers all employees for sickness, maternity, invalidity, and retirement.

  1. Rwanda:

Despite many critics writing the obituary of Rwanda after the disastrous Genocide in 1994, the country has continued to leap expectations.

Rwanda is a country with one of the most sought-after healthcare system in Africa. The country’s budget ensures that the health sector gets over 20 percent of funding juxtaposed to the Abuja declaration of 15 percent which many countries on the continent have not yet adopted.

The country currently has the highest government revenue, but sadly doesn’t have enough private stakeholders in the sector.

  1. Tanzania:

President John Magufuli has been at the forefront, making the headlines prioritizing the improvement of public health institutions.

The country also has the envied National Medical Aid Scheme, which is crucial in reaching universal health coverage.

  1. Zambia:

The country has been making strides in ensuring that they beef up their workforce.

It is doing well in making sure that it opens post for medical practitioners so that the country can have more special cases treated. As specialty professions increase, so will its improved access to medical care among Zambians.


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