June 24, 2024
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Those who destroyed Ghana did not have dual citizenship – Dr Arthur Kennedy argues

A Ghanaian US-based Medical Doctor, Dr. Arthur Kennedy says there is no problem with people living in the diaspora seeking to participate in the affairs of their home country.

He said the phenomenon is an ancient practice, citing as an example that leaders who have plunged Ghana into economic distress were those who pledged full allegiance to their homeland and held no dual citizenship.

“It should not be a problem as far as I’m concerned. People or citizens of a country living in the diaspora and participating in the affairs of that country is as ancient as history.

“On behalf of diasporans, I can tell my fellow Ghanaians that those of us who live outside are fully Ghanaians not even because we were born in Ghana geographically but because I accepted that Ghana is born in us.

“Most of those who have destroyed Ghana have been people who didn’t have dual citizenship; the people who are running the country into the ground, for the most part, are full citizens,” he said on JoyNews’ AM Show on Tuesday.

His comments come on the back of former President John Dramani Mahama’s declaration that his administration will clarify issues of concern about Ghana’s dual citizenship law.

Dr. Kennedy, a member of the New Patriotic Party said Mr. Mahama should be commended for his intention and that he hopes the current administration would join the course.

He stressed that diasporans should be allowed to partake in the affairs of their home country partly due to the fact that they have contributed significantly to the growth of the country.

Dr. Kennedy cited that some African countries such as Cape Verde, Senegal, Nigeria and South Africa, allow their citizens in the diaspora to partake in voting processes but nothing untoward has ever occurred in such events.

He said he does not believe that attaining citizenship in another country would dwindle the loyalty citizens pledge to their home countries.

Ghana’s 1992 Constitution bars any person from occupying some public positions if they possess dual citizenship. To assume these positions, one must relinquish their citizenship of the other country.

Some Ghanaian politicians, such as Adamu Dramani Sakande and James Gyakye Quayson, have fallen victim to the articles in question.

But Mr Mahama, while addressing some party faithful promised to review the constitutional provision that prevents Ghanaians with dual citizenship from holding certain public positions in the country.

SourceCollins Seyram Tordzro

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