June 20, 2024
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Treason Trial: I Am Not A Communication Specialist ~ Zikpi

Johannes Zikpi, a signaler with the Ghana Armed Forces, one of ten persons accused of attempting to overthrow the government says he is not a communication specialist.

He denied having special training in Communication and information technology during his evidence-in-chief at the High Court trying them.

“I did not perform any role by way of working any communication support or plan for any coup plot contrary to the claims of the prosecution,” he added.

Zikpi also denied proposing the acquisition of Gota phones to any of the accused persons to conceal any communication as alleged by the prosecution.

He said he did not suggest any communication jamming equipment so that all radio stations would be jammed except the one allegedly designated for the announcement of the coup as alleged by the prosecution. He admitted knowing one Sergeant Ghartey as well as Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli.

Zikpi explained that Colonel Gameli introduced him to the late Dr Frederick Mac-Palm for his Blood Pressure medication after which visited the deceased for his free medicines.

He also met Colonel Gameli sometimes at Dr Mac-Palm’s Citadel Hospital but they never discussed the overthrow of the Government.

The accused person said at a point in time, the late Mac-Palm experienced a poor communication network at his hospital and he requested that Zikpi got him someone who could get him a Gota phone to overcome the challenge and Zikpi obliged.

That was the time I approached Sergeant Ghartey who in turn told me Gota was meant only for the security agencies with this answer, I did not speak about this matter again not to talk of sending a message to Dr Mac-Palm telling him that we needed jamming equipment to jam all radio stations except one which would be used to announce the takeover.

He said his records on his interrogation were not presented in court because they did not support the prosecution’s claim against him.

He said he was deceived by an investigator to append his signature to a statement written by the investigator under the guise that he would be set free, only for him to be locked up after signing it.

Zikpi has been charged together with Donya Kafui, Bright Alan Debrah, Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli, WOII Esther Saan, Corporal Sylvester Akankpewu, Lance Airforce Corporal Ali Solomon and Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr Benjamin Kwasi AAgordzo.

They are facing varied charges including conspiracy, high treason and abetment

Story By GNA

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