May 27, 2024
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UE/R museum in ruins; director calls for help

The Upper East Regional Museum is in a sorry state, as the lack of maintenance has left it in near ruins.

The museum also lacks logistics for its operations.

Since its establishment in 1972, the museum has suffered neglect by successive governments.

Inadequate staffing and logistical impediments are among the raft of challenges affecting the museum.

The museum’s aim is to preserve the material culture of the Upper East Region while educating the populace, especially the youth, on the need to protect and remember their local heritage.

Speaking to Class News, the Director of the facility, Prisca Naambome Yenzie, bemoaned the current state of the facility.

She said: “This facility needs a bigger space; it needs to be reworked; the chairs we sit on are the chairs they gave us in the early 90s. The tables are the same tables but we must live in a very good condition in order for us to perform effectively.”

She noted: “We’ve never had a car, [there’s] no means of transport in this institution; how then do you go out to do the collection [of artefacts]? You put it on your motorbike and by the time you get to where you are going, it is broken and what do you say?”

She added that artefacts are things “we’re not supposed to lose; you lose it and that ends it. Whatever you do is just a replica and that is not it.”

Ms Yenzie said the facility needs to support itself because they are tired of waiting for the state or the government to assist.


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