May 27, 2024
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Unplanned structures impeding development in Katariga

Residents of Katariga in the Sagnarigu Municipality in the northern region have appealed to the government through the Municipal assembly to find a lasting solution to the issue of improper planning of houses and other structures in the community.

Katariga, before this development the community was not an unplanned settlement, however, the situation over the years began to deteriorate when people started to acquire plots of land and erect buildings without the recourse to the building code of Ghana.

This has therefore resulted in the overcrowding of houses and other structures. The unplanned nature of the community has resulted in flooding in some parts of the community usually in the rainy season.

Ghana’s building code establishes the minimum requirements by providing a reasonable level of safety, public health and the general welfare, structural strength, means of escape facilities, stability, sanitation, adequate light and ventilation, energy conservation and safety of life and property from fire, explosion and other hazards.  It also provides a reasonable level of safety to firefighters and emergency responders during emergency operations but such provisions do not exist in Katariga as such has been flouted.

A picture of the Katariga community

 The Assembly Member for the Katariga electoral area, Mr. Osman Abdul Wakil, said: “I am well aware of this challenge the community is facing. I am currently working with the physical planning department of the assembly to find possible solutions to the crowding of houses in Katariga”.

He further lamented that: “the fire service usually struggles to put out the fire in case there is an outbreak in the community due to the improper planning of houses and this leads to the destruction of lives and properties. Also, as a result, the improper planning of houses when somebody is in a health critical condition the ambulance service can’t have access to the area to rush the person to the hospital and the person ends up dying.”

Mr. Agana Raymond,  a resident of Katariga,   said: “I always find it difficult going out and coming into the community especially with my car because of how haphazardly planned the community is”.

Mrs. Suhuyini Rashida, another resident also said her neighbour has built on a waterway forcing the water to flood their neighbourhood anytime the rain falls.

Despite the problem of unplanned houses in the area, one of the critical challenges affecting the community is poor road network. The community cannot boast of a single bitumen or tarred road despite the fast pace of development there.  The main Katariga road has been in a bad state for years despite the promise of politicians to get it fix during electoral cycles. Residents who ply their business along the road   during the dry season always complain how the dust emanating from the road becomes a threat to their health. During the rainy season the road equally becomes muddy and residents find it difficult using it.

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Source: Mwintome Elvis

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