July 16, 2024
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Upper West: Residents of Duu Electoral Area ban political campaigns

Residents of the Duu electoral area in the Wa East district of the Upper West Region have decided to ban all politicians from campaigning in the area during the 2024 election season.

This decision is a protest against what they describe as deliberate neglect by successive governments.

At a mini durbar to express their concerns to duty bearers, the residents lamented the poor condition of their roads and the lack of electricity in the electoral area.

The Duu electoral area includes three important farming communities within the Wa East district: Duu, Saahe, and Jonfian.

Home to over 5,000 residents, this area has extensive arable land, offering significant agricultural potential, with more than 90 percent of its population engaged in farming.

However, the roads connecting these communities become impassable during the rainy season, effectively isolating the area from the rest of the region. Farmers find it difficult to transport their produce, and pregnant women have trouble accessing healthcare services due to these poor roads.

Investigations by Citi News reveal that the road contract was awarded a staggering 12 years ago.

Drain culverts were constructed at the beginning of the project, but the contractor abandoned the work, leaving commuters in a difficult situation.

After two tragic deaths of young people trying to cross a river to reach Funsi, the Wa East district capital for healthcare, some concerned residents took it upon themselves to repair parts of the road.

But the neglect doesn’t stop at the roads. The Duu electoral area has been without electricity for eight years.

Residents claim that these electricity poles were initially installed to secure their votes, only to be abandoned later. Fatuma, a 45-year-old resident and women’s leader emphasizes that their patience has worn thin. They demand their fair share of the national resources, pointing out that they’ve dutifully paid taxes to the Wa East district assembly.

As the Duu electoral area takes this bold stand against neglect, their message is clear: they seek long-overdue attention and action from those in power. With their voices united, they hope that change is on the horizon.

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