June 18, 2024
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Video: Bawumia has attended more church services than mosques – TV3’s Johnny

Host of 3 FM’s morning show, Johnny Hughes revealed that the vice president, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has appeared in churches than he has done in mosques, even though the veep is a practicing Muslim.

He made those remarks when he was presenting today’s edition of Johnny’s Bite this morning, February 9, saying that the veep deliberately avoided the issue of the National Cathedral because he doesn’t have solutions to it as he made Ghanaians believe in his address to the nation few days ago.

According to him, the monies spent on the foundation of the National Cathedral alone could build the country’s hospitals and other projects for proper development.

“Did Dr. Bawumia speak about the National Cathedral? Because now that he is moving away from his boss who reposed confidence in him. He is telling everybody that his boss’s decisions are not wise. He has been to many more churches than he has been to mosques. Check the record. At some point, he calls himself Timothy. And calling himself a boys’ brigade boy”, he said.

The Media General’s journalist called on Ghanaians to tag the vice president on social media to remind him about some of the critical things he should have spoken about in his presentation, but he chose to ignore them.

“Did Dr. Bawumia speak about the National Cathedral? Please, ask him why. Tag him on Twitter and ask why he did not speak about the National Cathedral. It started as Akufo-Addo’s private cathedral. He said God, give me my second term and I will build you a cathedral, almighty God. He said we were not going to use state resources to do anything. That we were going to do private fundraising. Today we have even spent monies parliament did not approve to do it. The monies we have sunk into this thing could have built La-General Hospital…”, the journalist said.

“So I ask Dr. Bawumia, will you abandon the National Cathedral? The world’s most expensive hole. What will do about the National Cathedral? What is his bold solution for the National Cathedral? You see how he intelligently avoided it?”, angry Johnny asked.

Video of Johnny lambasting Bawumia

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