June 13, 2024
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VRA/NEDCO disconnects Dalung community over mass power theft

The Northern Electricity Company (NEDCo) of the Volta River Authority (VRA) has disconnected electricity supply to Dalung community in the Kumbungu district of the Northern Region.

Management of VRA upon a monitoring visit to some selected communities around the Kumbungu district including the Dalung community noticed most residents in the area bypassed the authorized installed metre system to rather tap electricity power directly from the extension cables on the poles.

For the past two weeks, over 35,000 residents population Dalung have been without power supply including the Dalung Health Center due to the mass illegal electricity power theft by the community.

Assembly man for the area, hon. Mahama Safianu who spoke to radiotamaleonline.com says for the past nine (9) days the entire Dalung community with the exception of the Dalung Water Treatment Plant site has been completely out of electricity supply. Emphasizing that some efforts are being made to have power restored to the community.

We’re currently in talks with the VRA/NEDCo and the DCE has also had some engagements with the management. But we told the issue has been reported to PURC and we shall be having meeting with the two institutions to know the way forward, he said.

He explained that, the Loss Control Unity in the company of the Area Manager for the Volta River Authority, Mr. Elvis Demuyakor during an unannounced visit to the area found out that almost every household in the Dalung community was tapping electricity illegally directly through the main transmission lines.

He said this situation immediately angered the team to go ahead and dropped the two main transformers servicing the area from the Eastern and Western sides.

Regent of Dalung, Chief Mahama Adam who appeared marveled over the extent of the illegal connections condemned the act during an interview with Radio Tamale 91.7, stating that to every explanation the VRA/NEDCo authorities are right by the action taken and the only thing to do at this stage is to plead for a second chance. He was however wondering how the practice continued at his blind side and his attention was never called to it.

Naa Mahama has therefore indicated that every resident in the community will have to take full responsibility for the conduct and accept any sanctions that will come from the VRA/NEDCO.

He further appealed to the power authority to announce workable solutions and remedies to restore power and prevent the reoccurrence of such.


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