July 25, 2024
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VRA quickly restores water supply system in Aveyime – North Tongu District

As part of its Emergency Preparedness Plan created in May, 2023 to provide relief to communities affected by the controlled spill of the Akosombo and Kpong Dams, the Volta River Authority has restored the water supply system of the people of Aveyime in the North Tongu District.

The flooded township raw water intake pumps at Aveyime have been relocated to a higher ground. A pump protection shed with power panels has been constructed and connected to the water treatment system.

The team worked around the clock, by digging trenches and installing pipes to provide immediate supply of potable water to the community.

The  Deputy Chief Executive (Services) Ken Arthur, is to hand over the newly commissioned water system to the people of Aveyime  today. This is to ensure access to  clean potable water for drinking, cooking and bathing.  VRA is passionate about ensuring that the affected communities receive as much relief as possible and  they are committed to making life easier for the flood victims.

This water supply restoration is the first of many to be carried out  in the safe havens. There are plans to expand and provide water to every man, woman and child in the affected communities.

In areas with shut off water supply, VRA , on a daily basis sends tankers of clean potable water to these communities. In addition, they also provide  thousands of bags of sachet water for drinking.

The focus on quick, clean water supply by VRA is help curb the spread of waterborne diseases in the communities. Water is constantly supplied to the flood victims to ensure that such a basic human need is addressed .

Although it continues to provide medicine supplies, canned food, toiletries, drugs, mattresses, buckets, rice, sugar, mosquito nets etc.to the flood victims,  VRA has taken it upon itself, to provide technical relief as well to the communities affected by the controlled spill.

As a company of engineers, VRA aims to go beyond just the supply of relief items and drugs to help the flood victims.VRA is thereby extending its world class technical competencies to the people in these communities.

VRA is proactively providing relief solutions for the flood victims because they have made a promise to the people to leave no one behind and they vow to stand by it.

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