June 23, 2024
P.O.Box 613ER Gombilla House, Lamashegu Market, Tamale, Northern Region

Walewale catholic stars secure historic division one league berth.

In a thrilling showdown at the Kurt Okraku Astro Turf in Winkogo, near Bolgatanga. Walewale Catholic Stars etched their names in history by clinching a coveted spot in the upcoming National Division One League. The defining moment came as they triumphed over Real Bolga United with a narrow 1-0 victory, courtesy of a decisive strike from Jamal Mbappe.

The journey to this milestone was marked by sheer determination and impeccable performance, evident in Catholic Stars’ flawless record throughout the Middle League campaign. Facing formidable opponents such as Real Bolga United, Navrongo Mission Warriors, and Zebilla Toende United, they emerged victorious in all encounters, showcasing not only their dominance but also their proficiency in finding the back of the net.

This achievement holds profound significance for the North East Region, as Division One football will now grace its soil for the first time in history. For over a decade, the dream seemed elusive, but the unwavering commitment and perseverance of key figures such as Alhassan Fatawu, fondly known as “Agama”, the esteemed owner and bankroller, alongside the astute leadership of head coach Emmanuel Addi Manyem, finally bore fruit.

The anticipation and excitement are palpable in Walewale and its environs, as well as across the entire North East Region, as the community eagerly rallies behind their heroic club. The upcoming season promises to be a spectacle, with the town’s Astro Turf poised to become the epicenter of Division One football, as Catholic Stars embark on their journey to assert themselves in Ghana’s second-tier football landscape.

As the curtains draw close on this chapter of their journey, Walewale Catholic Stars stand as a beacon of inspiration, proving that perseverance, dedication, and teamwork can indeed overcome the greatest of challenges, and etch one’s name into the annals of sporting history.

Source: Mohammed Issah (Rossoneri Selecao)

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