June 24, 2024
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Weʼll diagnose cause of Hearts Of Oak’s abysmal performance – Nyaho-Tamakloe

A Board Member of Accra Hearts of Oak, Dr Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe, has indicated that the club will set up a committee to probe into the cause of the club’s poor performance in the just-ended 2022/2023 Ghana Premier League season. 

Speaking on the Class Morning Show on Monday, 12 June 2023 with Korku Lumor on Class91.3FM, Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe stressed that the club’s recent downgrade was due to certain factors which can only be ascertained through the setting up of a committee. 

“We have gone through this before and I was there during the days of Tommy Thompson, Alhaji Tijani and the others and the club was put into my hands, and I cleansed it.” 

“We are going to set up a committee, and if we are given the causes of our abysmal performance this season, we know what steps to take to put the club back on track,” he stated. 

The management of the club have been the target of backlash from the fans for sacking some coaches they believed were performing well for them. 

The club parted ways with Samuel Boadu, after winning four trophies in two seasons, a feat which had eluded the team for almost a decade, and this got some fans outraged. 

The blame, according to Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe, cannot be laid at the door steps of the Board, since it does not sack coaches.  

“Three things run the club to success: the finances of the club, the support base of the club, and the technical side of the club.” 

“As far as I am concerned, I don’t believe the coaches have been asked out of the club by the Board. But when they see themselves that they are not performing well, they advise themselves,” he noted.

According to him, such practices are normal in association football, globally. 

“When a coach fails to perform, he has to advise himself,” he stressed. 

Responding to allegations of non-inclusion and the refusal of the Board to listen to concerns from the support base of the club, Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe insisted that the management and board of the club are doing their best to put the club back to winning ways. He however, described some individuals within the club’s support base as detractors who are trying to smear the name of the club. 

He further added that upon completion of the committee’s work, tough measures would be taken to straighten the club. 

“I can assure you that after the committee diagnoses the problems, what has to be done will be done. Hearts of Oak have standards and we are going to make sure those standards are maintained.” 

“We are not going to allow anybody at all to come and play because at the moment we pay our players more than any club in the country. We don’t owe them a cent.”

Coaching Saga

The appointment and departure of coaches have been a big problem at the club in recent years. Since the 2008/2009 Ghana Premier League season, the club have parted ways with 17 coaches including two interim coaches. 

Currently, the club are without an official coach, following the sacking of Serbian, Slavko Matic by some aggrieved fans over a poor run of results. 

The club have since been headed by Assistant Coach David Ocloo, till the just-ended season during which it managed to escape relegation on the last day of the season, following a 0-0 drawn game against Berekum Chelsea.

Some supporters have accused the Board of unfairly sacking some of the coaches or appointing coaches who are not up to scratch. 

The sacking of Samuel Boadu and the appointment of Slavko Matic is evidence of the disagreement between the management and the supporters in terms of coach hiring and firing. 

The Board and Supporters Rift

One of the biggest challenges of the club in recent years has been the differences between the Board of directors and the core supporters of the club. 

According to former General Secretary of the Accra Hearts of Oak National Chapters Committee, Maxwell Yaw Asabre, pride, arrogance and lack of inclusiveness from the leadership of the club are what have left the club where it is. 

“Ever since this Board took over the club in 2011, I cannot explain why the board chairman, especially, will like to maintain the same set of people who have, over the years, shown incompetence, lack of experience, and ineffectiveness.” 

“Yet, even at the height of agitation from the supporters and rank and file to dissolve the Board and reconstitute it, the board chairman is adamant to the plea to even tweak the constitution of the Board,” he complained. 

The supporters have, over the years, agitated for a change in the leadership of the club and some individuals within the Board, but the Club’s leadership seem satisfied with the composition of the current Board of Directors. 

However, Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe sees those calling for a change in the board’s composition as detractors and says they will not succeed while he still remains a member of the Board. 

“In any set up, there are detractors but for some of us, it’s not easy to break. I am the most senior person on the Board, so, maybe, if I leave, the detractors can succeed, but as far as I am breathing, I am not leaving the board now. So, they should better look for something else to do,” he advised.

Hearts of Oak and Corporate Governance 

Another accusation that has been leveled against the club’s Board has been its failure to adhere to good corporate governance practices, years after it floated its shares on the stock exchange. 

The club’s and longest-serving secretary, Mr Ernest Thompson, says he is under immense pressure from the supporters to lead the charge towards getting this cardinal legal principle enforced. 

“The starting point for Hearts of Oak’s rise must be to adhere to best corporate governance practices. Why has the club not held an annual general meeting for years now?”

“I’m under immense pressure to lead the charge towards the legal route for a push for the convening of an annual general meeting. But should we get to that point?” he questioned. 

In response, Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe indicated that the much-clamoured for annual general meeting, will come off very soon. 

“Annual General Meetings don’t just happen, they require resources and planning. I can assure you that very soon, Hearts of Oak’s Annual General Meeting will come off,” he noted.


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