July 20, 2024
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We can’t afford tomatoes – Traders lament

Tomato traders in major markets like Mallam Atta Market in Accra, Techiman in Bono East Region, and the Northern Region are struggling with the high cost of purchasing tomatoes.

They say the recent increase in prices has nearly put them out of business.

JoyNews’ Semefa Kpesu visited Mallam Atta Market and found four pieces of tomatoes selling for GH¢20.

Traders reported that the most expensive box of tomatoes used to cost around GH¢4,200, but this year they have been buying the same box for GH¢7,500 to GH¢7,800.

While the tomatoes are currently locally grown, the price remains high. This has led to a decrease in customers, according to the traders.

“Because tomatoes were very expensive, many people have switched to tomato puree instead. Now, when people walk through the market, they hardly even look our way anymore,” she lamented.

The exact reason for the price hike is unclear, but some traders believe it could be due to transportation costs, while others point to the exchange rate.

Reporter Anas Sabit found the same situation at Techiman Market, a place known as the country’s food basket.

Despite its reputation, tomatoes were just as expensive there.

Similarly, Martina Bugri from the Northern Region reported that many people traditionally choose rice and stew for Eid celebrations.

However, due to the recent price increase, many have switched to meals that require less tomato.

Traders have appealed to the government to intervene because they are not making enough profit.

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