June 14, 2024
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“We don’t need politicians to show us the way of violence, hatred” ~ Dr. Ayariga

Leader and Founder of the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga, says the Ghanaian youth is always clouded by the belief that is only politicians and people in academia that holds the solutions to their problems and the keys to their progress in life.

According Dr. Ayariga, the young generation in the country are reliant on political leaders, governments and academicians to show them the way to build their own businesses, build a greater future and also end unemployment and their suffering.

The youth of Ghana are tired of failed policies and promises made by politicians.

He said Ghana needs to be place on factory setting mode. The APC flagbearer further advised that, no youth should fall for the propaganda and phrases like “ We will show them we have the men or Do or die affairs”.

We don’t need the politicians to show us the way of violence and hatred.

Mr. Ayariga says what the country want at this time is a peaceful Ghana and not war against each other because of political differences and power.

I commit myself to fighting for peace and not violence, he concluded.

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