June 22, 2024
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We have the men, we have the men; not knowing they’re all ‘station boys’. ~ John Mahama hits NPP

According to former president John Dramani Mahama, all of the men the New Patriotic Party (NPP) claimed to have were station boys.

He said that Ghana was in better shape under his leadership in 2016 than it is now, with the NPP in power.

On Friday, April 14, Mr Mahama, who is running to be the NDC’s flagbearer, stated in a speech to party members, “In 2016, I wouldn’t say Ghana was a paradise, but our condition was considerably better than it is now.

In 2016 our colleagues the NPP told a lot of lies about us, they labeled us as incompetent and they came with a lot of big and sweet promises to the people of Ghana and used that to persuade the people that they will be a better government than we were.

And so the people of Ghana tried them by voting for them, they said they should try them and that was the mistake the people of Ghana made because we have come to realise that after all the ‘we have the men. we have the men’ it was station boys, they don’t know anything.

He added, If you take our ministers who were running this country in 2016 and compare them with their ministers who are running Ghana today pound for pound, our ministers were far better than any of them.

He further indicated that he took responsibility for the challenges that he inherited and fixed the problems especially the power crisis (Dumsor).

We solved many difficult challenges, dumsor was not created by us, it was lack of generation capacity over the years, and so when we came into office we were confronted with it, we did not run away, we did not shift the blame to somebody.

I could have said Presidents Rawlings and Kuffuor and President Mills did not add new generation but what we did was, we took responsibility, I went to Parliament and said yes you elected us to take responsibility, we take responsibility and we shall fix it.

Truly, by the time we left in 2016, we had fixed dumsor, we had fixed the generational challenges Indeed, they accused us of putting in too much generation than we needed.

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