June 18, 2024
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“We shall resist all attempts to unlawfully take what belongs to us just for benefit of few family & friends” ~ Anbariya warns

The leadership of the Anbariya Sunni Community has appealed to the general public to disregard every misinformation that tags the institution as being impatient over the Ghanaian court processes and all other allegations suggesting that the institution is planning to take the law into its own hands, regarding the legal tassel between the Institute and some family members of the late Professor Abubakari Alhassan.

According to the group, they took the matter to court because of the high level of confidence it has in the court system to seek justice. They further called on the government to take a leading interest in the matter and ensure that justice is done and done rightly.

The largest Muslim group in the Northern region also called on the Ghana Education Service, Metro Security Council (METSEC), Regional Security Council (REGSEC) and the Chief Justice to develop greater interest in the matter and facilitate speedy adjudication of the case.

Anbariya is not and has never been impatient but we resolve to resist any attempt to unlawfully take what belongs to the general public to a kleptomaniac few families and friends.


A few years ago, the construction and subsequent administration of the Anbariya Technical University was entrusted to the hands of the late Prof. Abubakari Alhassan by the Anbariya Sunni Community.

He was later employed as a consultant to the project and was paid US$25,000 for his services. He was then made a trustee for the Anbariya Technical University College after its commissioning in 2004.

He Prof. Abubakari Alhassan along the line unilaterally and dubiously changed its name from Anbariya Technical University College to Technical University College, Tamale (TUCT).

This did not go down well with the leadership of the Institute and they thus demanded handing over of the University College back to Anbariya and its leadership.

Prof. Abubakari Alhassan was adamant about doing so, he subsequently reported the matter to the then Reagent of Dagbon, His Royal Majesty Kampakuya Naa Abdulai Yakubu Andani now Yoo Naa.

The Kampakuya Naa, requested the Northern Regional Security Council to conduct an independent investigation into the matter and to ascertain the true owner of the Technical University, this was how the work of the REGSEC committee began.

Anbariya Sunni Community

The Anbariya Sunni Community began in the early 1940s with the Islamic renaissance activities of Sheikh Yusuf Sualih Ajura (Afa Ajura). Afa Ajura started his da’wah by preaching from village to village, town to town and later teaching the Quran and Hadith in his Sakasaka home. This grew to become the Anbariya Islamic Institute in 1951.

The pioneering students were 24 in number with the current leader of the community being one of them. Afa Ajura sacrificed everything to realize the dream and vision of practicing an unadulterated Islam in Ghana and beyond. With his vision, resilience, determination and strive, Anbariya has developed into the biggest “Islamic Institute” in Ghana and one of its kind in West Africa.

Anbariya now has over fifty (50) pre-tertiary branches and two (2) tertiary branches (the Arabic College of Education and the Anbariya Technical University College) across the nation providing learning opportunities to many in their quest to learn.

The community’s core mandate has always been to train and equip the youth and the ummah with knowledge and sound Islamic value systems. This resolve got it to start the Anbariya Technical University College, the landed property and ownership of which is a subject of ligation under the instance of the leadership of the Anbariya Sunni Community.

The Community preaches and stands for peace in its dealing as manifest in the current legal brouhaha. Though our community had the resource and human might by the grace of Allah to take what rightfully belongs to it, after the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) committee report, it chose to go to court when the defendant failed to respect the ruling of the REGSEC Committee.

Anbariya Sunni Community

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