June 21, 2024
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‘We will come after you’ ~ Jinapor warns ‘big men’ involved in galamsey

The Lands Minister says government will go after all persons involved in illegal mining activities in the country. 

Samuel Abdulai Jinapor said government will not shield any “big man or woman” in the fight. 

According to him, the government does not have the luxury of cherry-picking who is dealt with and who is not. 

Speaking on the JoyFM’s Super Morning Show on Wednesday, October 12, Mr Jinapor insisted the government is prepared to go for the long haul in this fight. 

He thus asked persons involved in the menace to take a cue from the prosecution of Aisha Huang. 

“This is not a time where we can choose and pick and say this person is a journalist so she cannot be touched or be touched or this person is a politician and therefore, the person is shielded or this person is on government or this person is a businesswoman. 

“Nobody will be shielded. We are going to go about without fear or favour and the prosecution of Aisha Huang should be a clear testimony and should send a clear signal to those who are determined to carry on with this menace. 

I should call that way that we will come after them and come after them ruthlessly,” he warned. 

Mr Jinapor thus asked the Ghanaian people to have full assurance in the government to deal effectively with the canker. 

To him, the government will deploy all the arsenal it has at its disposal in this fight. 

According to him, this will be done ruthlessly. 

“Well, I want to emphasise that the commitment of the government to the fight against this canker [Galamsey] is total and unflinching and all the various tools we have to enable us to come to grips of this illegal mining issue will be rolled out ruthlessly.”

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