June 18, 2024
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We’ve no technical issues – WAPCo refutes GRIDCo’s claims

The West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited (WAPCo), has debunked claims that it’s facing technical challenges which resulted in power outages in parts of the country on Friday, July 7.

The Ghana Grid Company Ltd (GRIDCO) in a statement on July 7, blamed the power outages on a shortage of gas supply from the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant (GPP) and the West African Gas Pipeline (WAPCo).

The shortage, GRIDCo said has created a supply gap of 650MW.

In response to this, WAPCo emphasized that it cannot be blamed for the outages adding that its facilities were, and still are, fully available to deliver gas.

WAPCo attributed Friday’s challenge to the non-availability of gas from the National Gas Company’s plant at Atuabo which went down, making it impossible for WAPCo to transport.

“WAPCo wishes to set the record straight that we did not have any technical issues and our facilities were, and still are, fully available to deliver gas.

“WAPCo transports gas based on its agreements with Gas shippers. These Shippers purchase Gas from Gas suppliers, transport the gas via WAPCo pipelines, and sell the natural gas to Gas Offtakers (mainly power companies). When the agreed volume of gas is made available, WAPCo dutifully transports it to the shipper’s customers. The challenge yesterday was that the Ghana National Gas Company’s plant at Atuabo went down and therefore there was no gas available for WAPCo to transport,” WAPCo explained in its statement.

Click here to read the statement issued by WAPCo

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