July 16, 2024
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You don’t deserve to make decisions that affect people – Kweku Azar to GBA President

A US-based Ghanaian law practitioner, Professor Kweku Asare, has said in any serious society, like-minded people like the President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), Mr Yaw Acheampong Boafo, will not be elected to fill that position.

This followed some comments made by the GBA President with regard to the undertaking designed by the General Legal Council for prospective candidates of the Ghana School of Law (GSL) to sign prior to the sitting of their entrance examination.

The undertaking barred the candidates from seeking a remarking after the exams.

While defending the undertaking on Accra-based Joy News, the GBA President said: Every examination body has its own rules and there is no declaration of human rights on examination,” adding that “People get very emotional about the matter.

The GBA President stressed that the undertaking will ensure that the GSL’s academic calendar kicks off as scheduled instead of delaying it due to remarking of scripts.

With the entrance examination, when the results are in the academic year, it’s about to start. So, it stands to reason that for the Law School’s survival, the entrance examination shouldn’t have the same rules around it as Part One or Part Two, Mr Boafo said.

You have 2,500 students writing an examination and then about 900 or 1,000 people pass. This year, the examination will be written on September 23. The Law School has its calendar. Just imagine you have 1,000 remarking scripts. Are we going to say that the Law School should hold on to go through those processes and have a delayed academic calendar, the GBA President added.

The GBA President also indicated that persons aspiring to become lawyers must not necessarily become lawyers and that it is not every time one’s dreams must be fulfilled.

He said: The idea that I have expressed a desire to be a lawyer doesn’t mean I have to be a lawyer. When we were kids, we all wanted to be pilots but Ghana Airways is collapsed now. So, the expression of desire does not necessarily mean that there is a corresponding obligation to let your desire come true.

Professor Asare, however, disagrees with the GBA President’s stance on the matter.

In a Facebook post on Monday, 15 August 2022, Professor Asare said: A society is not going to progress and justice will remain nothing but a fleeting illusion when the GBA President suggests that LLB degree holders do not deserve an opportunity to prove their competence to be certified as lawyers because when ‘we were kids, we all wanted to be pilots but Ghana Airways is collapsed now.

According to the US-based Ghanaian legal practitioner, “the unfulfilled dream of a kid who never goes to pilot school is the reason why he [GBA President] thinks it is sound policy to terminate the career dreams of people who have spent resources to obtain a law degree”.

In any serious society, a person who thinks this way will not be anywhere close to making decisions affecting people. Ghanafuo Bar Association elects such a person to the body that regulates the legal profession.

He continued: “Some of these leaders are not just bad. They are wicked problem creators.

You cannot reason with such leaders and such minds, he added.

The US-based Ghanaian legal practitioner also proposed a remedy to end the reign of such leaders.

There is only one solution. Positive action now. There comes a time when you have to show these leaders a little Atewa. That time is now, Professor Asare said.

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