June 18, 2024
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You remain the most incompetent governor of BoG, your comments cannot sway us – Arise Ghana to Addison

Pressure Group Arise Ghana has described the Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BOG), Dr Ernest Addison, as “the most incompetent” head in the history of the central bank.

“We wish to remind Dr Ernest Addison that he remains the most incompetent and inept Governor of the Bank of Ghana and the worst in the history of the Central Bank,” a statement issued by the pressure group, on Sunday, 8 October 2023, said.

According to the group, “the monumental losses accrued by the Bank coupled with its colossal negative equity position bears ample testimony,” to describe the central bank governor.

The group which condemned the BoG governor’s referral to the #OccupyBoG protest which took place to call for his removal together with his two deputies from office, as “unnecessary,” noted: “Instead of concentrating on the reasons for which the protestors had to endure the unpleasant duty of marching to demand for his resignation, Dr Ernest Addison has been emboldened by unknown reasons to exhibit such belligerence and disrespect for the good people of Ghana”.

The group says the BoG governor’s comments cannot derail them from their goal of having him removed from office. 

“Dr Ernest Addison’s comments cannot sway us from departing from our quest to keep his feet to the fire of accountability until he does the needful by resigning to save the Bank from further plummeting.

“His contribution to the collapse of the Ghanaian economy which has inflicted unimaginable suffering and hardship on the innocent Ghanaian cannot be taken lightly and he must not be allowed to superintend over the Central Bank anymore,” the statement said.

The pressure group added that it “shall continue to liaise with other civil society organisations, political parties and progressive forces to explore all legitimate means to kick Dr Addison and his reckless syndicate out of the Bank of Ghana not as hooligans but as citizens”.

The Minority in Parliament organised a protest dubbed #OccupyBoG to call for the removal of Dr Addison and his two deputies from office.

But the BOG governor unequivocally stated that he will not resign from his position despite demands from the Minority NDC caucus.

He dismissed the recent calls for his resignation, labeling the demonstration on October 3 in Accra as “completely unnecessary”.

He made it clear that neither he nor his deputies have any intention of leaving their positions, emphasising that the Minority in parliament has alternative channels to address their grievances.

“The Minority in Parliament have many channels to channel their grievances in civilised societies, not through demonstrations in the streets as hooligans,” Dr Addison added.

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