July 19, 2024
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Your leadership is inspirational – Chief Justice eulogizes IGP

Ghana’s Chief Justice, Gertrude Torkornoo has commended the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare for his exceptional leadership qualities.

According to her, the IGP’s administration has transformed the image of the Ghana Police Service and has built trust between the police and the people.

Speaking during an engagement with the Police Management Board and the Judicial Service, she said “I must say that I have found your leadership of the police extremely inspirational. I think it’s only a blind person who would not have noticed how much you have achieved in such a short time to rebrand the image of the police.”

In September, the IGP was dragged to Parliament’s ad-hoc committee over an alleged plot by some senior police officers to oust him from office.

The officers accused him of mismanaging the service and were therefore allegedly lobbying to remove him from office.

On the back of this, the Chief Justice stressed that anyone who had issues with his tenure was bent on accentuating the negatives.

Justice Torkuono assured the IGP of her unwavering support and encouraged him to continue to maintain law and order in the Ghanaian society.

“I have found your leadership inspiring and your effort at presenting the police for who they are, and who they ought to be seen as, and I’m drawing inspiration from it. The Judiciary, for many years, has striven to introduce reforms that will compel efficiency and effectiveness in our work,” she said.

In response, Dr Dampare recommitted to living up to expectations, saying,“We have not come here with a defensive mindset, and any issue that is raised as if we know it all, and then we will be giving information and answering everything. No, we came to learn, we came to listen. It will take you and the rest of the population to judge us whether we have become the best or not.”

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