June 14, 2024
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Insinuating Bagbin is not heeding calls for recall because he is NDC unfounded and unfortunate – Parliament

Parliament has dispelled rumours that Speaker of Parliament, Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin, is not heeding calls to recall the House because it serves his political interests.

The legislative arm of government in a statement on Thursday, April 18, described such rumours as “unfounded and unfortunate.”

It noted the need for collaboration and consensus-building on both sides of the divide because of the hung nature of the House, stating “the Speaker has sought throughout his tenure, to remain neutral and fair in his dealings.”

Responding to a story on social media inquiring about the whereabouts of the Speaker, Parliament said, “The story sought to impugn the Speaker’s absence from the jurisdiction is ill-intentioned,” thus portraying him and the House in a negative light.”

It explained that currently, the House is on a recess in line with its calendar and Standing Order 57, which provides for the suspension and adjournment.

“During such times members and officials of Parliament are able to interact with their constituents and attend to other assignments, in line with Parliamentary duties. This includes international assignments.

“In consequence, the Speaker is currently leading a parliamentary delegation at the International Renewable Energy Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.”

Parliament emphasised that it is a “rule-based institution and MPs are aware of the established procedures to communicate with the Speaker. If there is a need for MPs to request a recall of Parliament during a recess, Order 53 provides that: “15%of MPs may request a meeting of Parliament and the Speaker shall within seven days after receipt of the request, summon the Parliament.”

The legislature added, “It is instructive to note that no such request has been made by any MP and so, the calls for a recall of Parliament by persons outside of Parliament is frivolous and vexatious, and amounts to meddling in the affairs of Parliament.”

According to Parliament, “Per the provisions of Order 12(4) of the Standing Order, the presence of the Speaker and/or his deputies are not required for Parliament to sit.

“Moreover, Order 52 provides for virtual sitting one’s physical presence is not necessarily required in today’s virtual world.”

It added that “barring any emergency or unforeseen circumstance, it [Parliament] is likely to reconvene in the latter part of May 2024.”

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