July 24, 2024
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Sister Cities Tamale calls on Gulkpe Naa to investigate Zosomli Naa’s auctioned medical supplies case

On September 11, 2023, radiotamaleonline.com filed a report of some auctioned medical supplies belonging to the chief Zosomli Naa by the Tema port authorities originally intended to benefit Tamale Teaching Hospital and other health facilities in the Northern region.

The Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Shani, and the Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, were both mentioned in the story as the influential persons the Zosimli Naa sought help from to assist in the clearing of the medical supplies from the Tema Port.

Following this revelation, the NDC Regional Secretary Hon. King Salam and the Northern Regional NDC Secretariat initiated a press conference dated September 14th, 2023, and called for an investigation and possibly recover the missing 40footer container.

The Sister Cities of Tamale in a press release dated September 28, 2023, has also added their voice to the numerous concerns expressed from residents by also calling for an investigation to unravel the container.

According to The Sister Cities of Tamale, the Gulpke Naa (chief of Tamale) will have to establish an independent Committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding the auction of the Zosomli Naa medical container by the Tema Port Authority.

“The Sister Cities of Tamale is optimistic that an independent Committee will be formed by the Gulkpe Naa and possibly with other key players in Tamale to further probe and find out the circumstances that created the fertile ground for the state to auction this important medical container and also probe further to unveiled the secret auctioning of the container,” the press release stated.

The Sister Cities of Tamale further highlighted their disappointment, noting that this incident marked the first time a medical donation from Louisville, United States, had been auctioned by Tema Port Authority.

The organization also lamented being excluded from the container shipping process, both in the United States and Ghana, despite their decades-long efforts in securing funds and donations for the people of Tamale and Dagon.

“Unfortunately at some point information regarding the progress of the container appeared to be “scares” and restricted from the Executives. Ironically at some stage, the Sister Cities of Tamale received information on the status of the container from other person(s) outside the Executives,” the press release stated.”

But on the contrary, our checks revealed that, The Sister Cities of Tamale was fully in informed about the whole arrangements and were never excluded in the process.

Radio Tamale intercepted emails and WhatsApp group conversations relating to the said donation. Whatsapp screenshots from The Sister Cities Platform and email messages indicates that several conversations have gone on before and during the incident.

It has also been alleged by inside sources at The Sister Cities that the organization’s secretary has always been reluctant towards all the arrangements and information going on, and was once queried by the late Sister Cities president.

The Sister Cities of Tamale reiterated their hope that the Gulpke Naa, along with other key players, would form an independent Committee to thoroughly investigate the circumstances leading to the auction of the medical container and uncover any hidden details surrounding its sale.

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