June 21, 2024
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Taskforce cracks down on smuggled vegetable oil in Accra markets

A taskforce comprising the Tree Crop Development Authority, the Oil Palm Development Association of Ghana, the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, and National Security, on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, embarked on an exercise to crack down on smuggled vegetable oil on the Ghanaian market.

During a swoop, eight shops were ordered to cease operations for allegedly selling smuggled vegetable oil, while some shop attendants were picked up for investigation.

The exercise began in the Greater Accra Region, with the taskforce visiting shops in Kasoa, Mallam Market, McCarthy Hill, and Adabraka.

At McCarthy Hill, the taskforce instructed Perfect End Logistics to cease operations due to suspected smuggled vegetable oil found at its facility, despite claims by shop attendants that the oil was locally produced.

Paul Amaning, the head of the taskforce, emphasized the need for proof of legitimate importation, particularly after identifying “Made in Malaysia” markings on the products.

At Kasoa New Market, the anti-smuggling task force conducted similar exercises, with retailers blaming their suppliers for the products while expressing concerns about the scarcity of locally made vegetable oil.

During the operation at the same market, three shop attendants were apprehended by members of the National Security taskforce for attempting to deceive task force members by withholding the key to unlock a shop containing smuggled vegetable oil.

The taskforce also took the opportunity to educate market women about the risks associated with selling unbranded oil.

Moving on to Mallam Market, the taskforce shut down the operations of one shop before proceeding to Adabraka, where shop attendants insisted that their products were locally sourced despite “Made in Indonesia” markings. They expressed concern about the impact of the shop closure on their employees.

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